FCI Deputation to Economy & Housing Committee Thurs 18th Jan

Hearing that this Committee was preparing to put back two options on the table that FCI had vigorously opposed for years - a Build to Rent model across the site or selling off the land, we led a deputation supported by Tollcross Community Council and Merchiston Community Council on Thursday.

Tellingly, the deputation before us was about the appalling conditions that homeless families were being put into because of a shortage of Council housing in Edinburgh and how homelessness had increased in the last few years. Our presentation was to emphasise the local view that has been consistent over the past 7 years - that the housing on this site should provide a mix of mid-rent, social and Council housing, so that local workers - nurses, teachers, labourers and care workers can afford to live in the centre of our city.This was at the heart of the third option that the Committee had to consider.

That it should not become the sole preserve of high income groups or transient populations of short rentals, appart hotels and student accommodation ( now reaching 2, 250 around the edge of the site).

A decision will be taken at the March meeting and we will be watching events closely.