Students look at eco-efficiency on site

6 February 2013

  1st year Students from Heriot Watt University studying the built environment are exploring how the FCI’s vision for the Fountainbridge site can be achieved in the most eco-efficient way.  FCI and Re-Union Canal Boats hosted a visit to the site by 60 students on 17th January. Working in groups, they will produce a ‘Master Plan’ for the site showing the green-blue infrastructure and designing a vibrant mix of uses which retains a sense of history and creates a welcoming neighbourhood for residents, workers and tourists. FCI will provide feedback on the students’ proposals with their lecturers Angela Hull and Jenny Roe later on in the month.

Edinburgh Glasgow Canoe Trail

6 February 2013

There is a proposal to seek funding from the Central Scotland Green Network
 (CSGN).  Scottish Canals are producing a bid for funding to develop a Glasgow to Edinburgh Canoe Trail.  If this project goes ahead it is envisaged that there would be low-level pontoons installed along the canal at a number of locations.  There would also be more information available for  those wishing to paddle on the canals via a website, leaflet, guide book & interpretation panels.  It is also hoped that there will be some form of camping developed (possibly around Auchinstrarry) and hopefully some improved  parking at key sites.

The Dialogue Continues in 2013....

6 February 2013

Before Christmas, FCI reps met with Cllr Andrew Burns, the leader of the Council, to discuss how to continue the fruitful dialogue between local people and all those involved in the development of the Fountainbridge site. It was readily agreed that there would be regular quarterly "Sounding Board" meetings between FCI and local councillors, council officials, Masterplanners, EDI and other relevant partners, chaired by Cllr Burns. The first of these took place at the end of January and was very constructive. We are delighted at this positive way to start the New Year! We will post the notes from these meetings on the website when we get them.

December Drop-In Saturday 8th 11am - 3pm

25 November 2012

Sat. 8th Dec  11am – 3pm

Come along and find out what is happening. The 3D models we made about the site will be on display and FCI members will be there to talk to.

We really want to hear from local people what your hopes and concerns are for this huge canal side site. All welcome!

In Re-Union Boats Centre, Edinburgh Quay.


The Glass-House Design Workshop

9 November 2012

Supported by The Glass-House Community Led Design,  a Community Design Workshop was held by FCI on Wednesday 7th November. We were very pleased that Council officials from Children & Families, Housing, Planning, Design and Economic Development came and participated very fully in the day. Also attending were Sarah Boyack MSP, local Councillors Gavin Corbett, Gordon Munro (the Canal Champion) David Key and the Leader of the Council, Andrew Burns. Having the involvement of other key people from EDI, 7N, Scottish Canals, Dunedin Canmore, Grosvenor Estates, Historic Scotland,and dtaScotland enriched the discussion and enabled a more holistic view of the development to be considered. The local view was vocal and was key to the discussions and problem solving that went on.

This was a hands on workshop - modelling various densities in 3D high tech plasticine (!) and considering design textures and materials. The final models and information from the Workshop will now be made available to the local community through two Open Days and will influence the next step which will be the development of the Master Plan.

The Glass-House Community Led Design is a national charity working to help people make better buildings, spaces, homes and neighbourhoods. They provide independent advice, training and hands-on support to communities and regeneration professionals working together to bring positive and lasting change to their area.

The City’s Southwest Neighbourhood Partnership has awarded us £1300 to help with publicity and other associated expenses. So a big thank you to them.


FCI Steering Group meet Canalside Stake holders

8 November 2012

Since the last newsletter in May the FCI Steering group has been busy meeting with various people involved with developing the Canalside. We met with the Boroughmuir parents group and the forth canoe club to find out more about the plans for the new school and to open a Dialogue between the school and the club about the idea of the new school incorporating the FCC and developing canoeing as a school and community activity. We hope to meet the school design team. We met with Cllr Andrew Burns the leader of the City Council and he valued FCI’s positive attitude to re-development and was encouraged by our “Brewing New Life” Vision. He assured us he would encourage Dialogue with officials and we will be consulted by the Master planners as their work progresses. We have also met Robin Blacklock of Grosvenor developments, Cllr Gavin Corbett and Cllr Paul Godzik who chairs the education committee. We are soon to meet Riccardo Marini the councils Design Champion.

Jane has been lobbying all the local councilors reminding them of the key aspects of our vision and Cllr Gavin Corbett reported on a very positive planning meeting where ideas like a new Basin and “Placemaking” and neighbourhood building were still on the agenda.

Visit to Glasgow Canalside Regeneration

7 November 2012


FCI steering group has arranged a study visit to learn about the new developments beside Glasgow canals. The Glasgow City Council and their development partners, ISIS and 7N architects, have created an exciting mixed use project which I am sure will give us lots of ideas and inspire co-operative development. Helena Huws of Scottish Canals will host the visit, and we will meet Ewan Anderson of 7N architects Gary Watt of ISIS waterside regeneration, and someone from the City of Glasgow Development and Regeneration Services.

Visit the Glasgow canals website at ISIS

Waterside regeneration at

7N architects at

Working Groups Established

6 November 2012

At the Meeting on the 19th June we set up working group to push forward projects in:

  • Social and Housing
  • Recreation and Culture
  • Local Economy
  • Environment
  • Lobbying and Development

We are talking to Dunedin Canmore housing and thinking about the sort of mix that would be best. We have talked to the CoOp re a supermarket. We will keep a new basin and a covered market/ venue on the agenda and will continue to push for open public spaces and parks. A group of Art students is working on plans for the canalside. A microbrewery has been suggested. We will continue to support the Forth Canoe Club’s search for a new home (Well done David Florence ex Forth Canoe club and Roseburn school on his second Olympic canoeing medal), and lobby for facilities for small boats. We are making a history of the canalside and collecting historical images with a view to making an exhibition and interpretation boards. A special group has been established to investigate the possibility of converting the historic Rubber Mill building for the arts, community groups and incubator units. The industrial history of the area needs to be acknowledged.

New School Location Approved!

5 September 2012

From Bruce Munro New School Project Co-ordinator:

“The consultation outcome report was published early in June and at the end of the month [28 June] the Council approved plans to build the new Boroughmuir High School at Fountainbridge. Council also approved the appointment of an exciting design team under Allan Murray Architects. A widespread community preplanning consultation is due to start around Easter 2013, which could see a planning application submitted the following autumn with the target of starting the construction on site in the summer of 2014.

Extracts from the council consultation documents below: “The opportunity to capitalise on the canal side location with activities such as canoeing would be welcomed, and the Council will explore the potential synergies in more detail with the Forth Canoe Club. The first job of the design team; to consider various permutations of how the school floor space could be delivered, including the opportunity to reconfigure the park. Part of this evaluation would include whether elements of the school floor space could be delivered under the park, by utilising the natural fall in the site from the canal to Dundee Street.”

FCI welcomes the school as a lively part of creating a new neighbourhood and the potential for establishing community activities within the school. However there is a reduction of the size of the total site so it becomes all the more imperative that there is residential space and public space, so the area is also lively at evening and weekends

Fountainbridge Community Garden

4 September 2012

Finally in mid-August, we got the news we were waiting for so long: The budget (of course with some conditions attached) got the okay from Grosvenor developments and we can finally start planning.

This is amazing because we can finally kick off to really realise “The Grove”. Next step is that the landscape architects will go on to the site of Grosvenor and suss out where would be the best place to establish the garden - but as far as we know this site visit hasn't happened yet. Once they get back to us we will organise the next open meeting where everybody can join in and say how they would like the garden to be. During that meeting the fun part will start which is the actual design of the garden.

This is a truly amazing chance to see this garden project grow bit by bit into a gardening and community hub. What can you do in the meantime?

1. Visit the Sow and Grow Everywhere (SAGE) website at and check out what kinds of garden exist already and what you like about them. The more ideas we have the better for the landscape architects that will run the sessions particularly for all of us that want this garden to become true.

2. Please join the Facebook group at as this will continue to be the platform to keep up to date. We will be back in touch soon with the date for the open meeting. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. "

Contact Kathryn at SAGE to get involved.