Exhibition panels showing Vastint's plans for East Fountainbridge

19 November 2017

A more sensitive plan for the canalside

6 November 2017

The new design shown today in the exhibition in Fountainbridge Library, ( see drawing below)shows a much reduced height of housing along the canal edge, in response to feedback from the local community, a more direct view of the liftbridge from Fountainbridge, garden spaces and more varied roof line.

The target is 240 houses consisting of of studio, one, two and three bedroom appartments and townhouses for sale. The townhouses and live-work units could face directly onto the canal and engage the canal and towpath.

The PAN submitted is for the hotel and office block along Fountainbridge. There will be opportunities for more dialogue with the developer over the coming months in relation to the housing and public realm. FCI are planning an even about greening the site - 'Living Wild' will include lots of local groups who have been active in showing the benefits of community gardening, maintaining and supporting wildlife and creating bio-diverse corridors within the urban realm. The date for your diary is Saturday 27th January 2018. More details to be released later in the year.

New design for the east end of Edinburgh Quay site

6 November 2017

PAN application for East Fountainbridge. View Monday 6th November 3.30 - 7.30pm Fountainbridge Library

2 November 2017

Glencairn's application for developing Lower Gilmore Place

6 October 2017

Development of Lower Gilmore Place Planning Application is now lodged. High blocks dwarfing the canal

6 October 2017

Planning Application now lodged with the Council for developing the Lower Gilmore Place area. Go to the Council's Planning portal to express your views.


See page 21/22 on the heights proposed in the design and access statement section 2

As the Vastint development is proposing to only go up 3 stories now on the canalside opposite ( after public consultation) the argument for copying existing height levels is looking pretty thin.

New development plans for Lower Gilmore Place

20 September 2017

Kevin McCloud has it just right!

3 August 2017

“Most developers still think that green space is the fluff you tack on at the end. The problem with the idea that an Englishman’s home is his castle is that home is often very small so the castle is small. But if you have a play space in front of the house and a community vegetable garden round the corner, your sense of ownership actually extends. “When you make a place, the people that live there are stakeholders in that place. They can come to care for and love the space where they live”

Vastint the property arm of IKEA are developing their plans for the north side of the canal next to Edinburgh Quay.

28 July 2017
Outline layout

This will include a hotel on Fountainbridge; family size housing including 25% social housing and workspaces and cycle cafe. FCI are in conversation with them about these plans. What do you think?