LIVING WILD SATURDAY 24th FEB 10 - 12.30pm King's Church Hall 104, Gilmore Place

Cllr Gavin Corbett, the Canal Champion, will open proceedings.

The morning starts at 10am  with a 'market place' of local groups and organisations, who will share their experience and ideas about the value of a green environment and practical considerations for the Fountainbridge site. These will include Grove Community Garden, Polwarth Church Garden Club, Council Tree Officers, Re-Union Canal Boats Social Enterprise, Rainbow Nursery,Tollcross Primary School , Scrapstore,  RSPB,Edinburgh Living Landscape, Earth Calling            ( Boroughmuir School Club), Edinburgh Printmakers, GrassRoots, Floramedica, Edinburgh & Lothian Green Spaces Trust, and Green Yonder Walks.

The second session will be a hands-on modelling/drawing/painting, collaging/designing/dreaming session using large scale plans of the whole site so that we end up with a lively visual representation of the possibilities to 'green' this site. 

 Children welcome . Hot soup will be provided at 12.30pm.  Bring your own sandwiches and/or food to share

Community consultations so far have indicated a desire for growing space, play areas, leisure and relaxing areas, trees, and creating a bio-diverse corridor that links with the canal. This event will build on that work and produce a 'Green Report' that will be presented to the developers and the Council and the material for two panels to go on the towpath hoardings. We think it will be fun, creative and hopefully inspirational. Do join us!