The Grove - Fountainbridge Community Garden

One FCI initiative is to create a mobile community garden on the unused land at Fountainbridge.

“The Grove” aims:

  • To create a mobile community garden on unused development sites
  • To create the garden using as far as possible recycled materials
  • To create community through involving all the members in collective, productive, activity.

We are working with Grosvenor Developments and will create the first garden on their site in North Fountainbridge next to the Springside development.

During the public meeting on Monday January 21st 2013 “The Grove” was established as an Unincorporated Community Association. The group has been active since March 2012 and now in Spring 2013 the community garden will hopefully go live in April.

Next meeting for the Friends of the Garden: 18th of March 2013, 7pm, Tollcross Community Centre

If you have any questions please get in touch with via email or follow us on facebook